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Saturday, July 2, 2016


Journal (International/National): 40

 DB Pal, Harish Kumar, DD Giri, Pardeep Singh, PK Mishra. Enhanced H2 and reduced CO
level by use of electrospun CuO/CuO2 catalyst in water gas shift reaction Adv Sci lett
 S.K. Srikar, D.D. Giri, C. Upadhyay, P. K. Mishra, S.N. Upadhyay, Green Synthesis of
Silver Nanoparticles using Prunus Amygdalus Extract and Their Anti-microbial Activity,
Advanced Materials Research, Vol 1119 (2015) pp 165-169
 Neha Srivastava et al., Application of cellulase in biofuels industries: an overview,
Journal of Biofuels, Springer (Under revision)
 Neha Srivastava et al., Improved production of reducing sugars from rice straw using
crude cellulose activated with Fe3O4/Alginate nanocomposite, Bioresource Technology,
February, 2015
 Lata Kumari, Dhanesh Tiwary & P K Mishra, Biodegradation of CI Acid Red1 by
indigenous bacteria Stenotrophomonas sp. BHUSSp X2 isolated from dye contaminated
soil, Environmental Science and Pollution Research (ESPR-D-14-04152R1)
 Lata Kumari et al., Biodegradation of Navy N5RL1 carpet dye by Staphylococcus
saprophyticus strain BHUSS X3, 3Biotech (DOI 1.1007/s13205-015-0276-7)
 Pardeep Singh, et al., “Assessment of ground and surface water quality along the river
Varuna, Varanasi, India” Environ Monit Assess (2015) 187:170
 Dean Dayal Giri, et al., Temperature Dependent Decline in Soil Methane Oxidizing
Bacterial Population in Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest Ecosystems, International Journal
of Scientific and Technology Research, Volume 3, Issue 9, September (2014).
 D.B. Pal et al., “Synthesis and Characterization of Cu/CeO2 Composite Nanofibers by
Electrospinning Method”. Adv. Sci. Lett. 20, 1582-1584 (2014)
 Pardeep Singh et al., An Assessment of Surface Water Quality of Varuna River in
Varanasi: Using multivariate Statistical Technique; Envirogeochemica ACTA Vol.1
Issue 1 ISSN 2348-7259, (2014)
 S. B. Mishra et al., Preparation and characterization of PPEES-TiO2 composite micro
porous UF membrane for oily water treatment; Procedia Materials Science 5 (2014) 123-
 Ashish K Pandey, P. K. Mishra, K K Srivastava, experimental investigation of pressure
drop inside a vertical helically coiled tube of curvature ratio= 0.012, IJESR/ 2014/ Vol-
 Ashish K Pandey, P. K. Mishra, K K Srivastava, A critical review on fluid flow and heat
transfer in circular helically coiled tube heat exchanger for laminar flow, IJESR, 2014/
 K. K. Gupta et al., Effect of Anatase/Rutile TiO2 Phase Composition on Arsenic
Adsorption , Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, vol. 34 , issue 8, 1043-1052
(2013) (Impact Factor: 00.61)
 Nand Lal Singh et al., Impact of River Water Quality on the Ground Water of Varanasi
District, Indian Journal of Scientific Research, 4(1):179-182, 2013 ISSN:0976-2876
 Nand Lal Singh, P. K. Mishra, Sughosh Madhav, Investigation of groundwater quality in
vicinity of carpet cluster of Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, India, International Journal of
Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnolgy, ISSN: 0974-1712. (2013)
 Nand Lal Singh, Neha Singh, Sujeet Kumar and P.K. Mishra, Defluoridation of
groundwater using natural adsorbent, Ecology, Environment and Conservation, Vol. 19
Issue 04, 2013.
 Kamal K. Gupta et al., Polycaprolactone composites with TiO2 for Potential
Nanobiomaterials: Tunable properties using different phases, Physical Chemistry &
Chemical Physics, 2012, 14, 12844–12853(Impact Factor: 03.659)
 Kamal K. Gupta et al., Hydrothermal In-situ preparation of TiO2 particles onto poly(lactic
acid) electrospun nanofibres, Applied Surface Science, 2013, 264, 375-382(Impact
Factor: 02.1)
 Somprakas Basu et al., Role of nicotine in gallbladder carcinoma: A preliminary report,
Journal of Digestive Diseases, 2012; 13; 536-540 (Impact Factor: 1.589)
 P. Agarwal, P. K. Mishra, P. Srivastava, Statistical optimization of the electrospinning
process for chitosan/polylactide nanofabrication using response surface methodology,
Journal of Material Science, 2012,47, 4262-4269. (Impact Factor: 2.015)
 P K Mishra et al., Extraction of natural dye from Dhalia variabilis using ultrasound,
Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research, 2012, 37, 83-86
 Ruhi Dixit et al., Association of Mustard Oil as Cooking Media with Carcinoma of the
Gallbladder, Journal of Gastrointest Cancer, 2012, DOI10.1007/s12029-012-9458-2
 Sujeet Kumar et al., Water Quality of River Varuna in Varanasi City, Uttar Pradesh,
India, Asian Journal of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2012, 2, 231-240. (
ISSN: 2231-2560)
 Pooja Agarwal, Ankita Mondal, P. K. Mishra, Pradeep Srivastava, A predictive model for
the synthesis of polylactide from lactic acid by response surface methodology, e-
Polymers, 2011, 068, 1-11. (Impact Factor: 0.515) (ISSN 1618-7229)
 Sandeep Tiwari et al., Adsorption of emulsified oil from spent metalworking fluid using
agro-waste of Cajanus cajan, International Journal of Environmental Technology and
Management, ISSN (Online): 2011, 1741-511X-ISSN (Print): 1466-2132.
 N. L. Singh, Ram Prasad, P. K. Mishra, Kinetics studies of product inhibition in alcoholic
fermentation, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research Kinetics studies of product
inhibition in alcoholic fermentation, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research 70, 2011,
373-378, ISSN: 0022-4456
 Sandeep Tiwari, P.C. Pandey, H. Singh, P.K. Mishra, A comparative study of the
performance behaviour of adsorbent materials used for the treatment of Spent Cutting
Fluids, International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management, 13( 2),
2010, 206-220. ISSN (Online): 1741-511X - ISSN (Print): 1466-2132
 Nand Lal Singh, et al., Alcohlic Fermentation Techniques in Early Indian Tradition, Indian
Journal of History of Science, 45(2), 2010, 163-173, ISSN: 0019-5235.
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niger, The IUP Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2 (2), 2010, 7-18.
 Nand Lal Singh, Pradeep Srivastava, P K Mishra, Studies on ethanol production using
immobilized cells of Kluyveromyces thermotolerans in a packed bed reactor, Journal of
Scientific & Industrial Research, 68, 2009, 617-623 (Impact Factor: 00.359) ISSN:0022-
 Sandeep Tiwari et al., Adsorption Chemistry of Oil-in-Water Emulsion from Spent Oil
Based Cutting Fluids Using Sawdust of Mangifera indica, Journal of International
Environmental Application & Science, 4 (1), 2009, 99-107, (ISSN : 1307-0428).
 Meghal A Desai, P K Mishra, Limonoid Glucosides in Indian Lemon (citrus limon) Seed,
The IUP Journal of Chemical Engineering, 1 (1), 2009, 73-78.
 Kamakshi Gupta, P. K. Mishra, Pradeep Srivastava, Enhanced continuous production of
lovastatin using pellets and siran supported growth of Aspergillus terreus in an airlift
reactor, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, 14(2), 2009, 207-212. (Impact
Factor: 1.278), ISSN: 1226-8372 (print version) ISSN: 1976-3816 (electronic version)
 Kamakshi Gupta, Bodhisatta Maiti, P K Mishra, Pradeep Srivastava, Fuzzy rule-based
prediction of lovastatin productivity in continuous mode using pellets of Aspergillus
terreus in an airlift reactor, Journal of Biochemical Technology, 2(1),2009, 138-143,
(Impact Factor: 0.944), ISSN: 0974-2328.
 P K Mishra, D M Nanagre, V L Yadav, Treatment of chromium bearing wastewater using
thermal parametric pumping, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research, 66, 2007, 79-
84, 623 (Impact Factor: 00.587) ISSN:0022-4456.
 Punita Mishra, Pradeep Srivastava, P K Mishra & Subir Kundu, Recovery of
cephalosporin C from aqueous solution using polymeric adsorbent, Indian Journal of
Chemical Technology, 14, 2007, 592-596. (Impact Factor: 00.606) ISSN : 0971 -457X
 Kamakshi Gupta , P. K. Mishra , Pradeep Srivastava, A Correlative Evaluation of
Morphology and Rheology of Aspergillus terreus during Lovastatin Fermentation
Biotechnolgy Bioprocess Engineering,12( 2), 2007,140-146. (Impact Factor: 1.278),
ISSN: 1226-8372 (print version) ISSN: 1976-3816 (electronic version)
 P K Mishra, P D Sunavala, Furnace Analysis Using the Zone Method for Counter Flow
Dry Process Rotatory Cement Kiln, Indian Journal of Technology, 27, 1989, 467-472.
(ISSN: 0019-5669.
 P K Mishra, P D Sunavala, Analysis of a Batch Open-hearth furnace Using the Zone
Method, Indian Journal of Technology, 27, 1989, 467-472. ISSN: 0019-5669.

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